Learn more about the legal services we provide concerning:

•Arbitration and dispute resolution involving sales contracts and related matters

• Commercial transactions

• Contract disputes

• Contracts

• Conveyance of minerals or royalties

• Damages claims

• Damages litigation

• Drilling and production

• Eminent domain, zoning and land use issues

• Environmental issues relating to wastewater discharge and disposal, groundwater contamination and wetland impact

• Environmental permitting and regulation

• Estate planning

• Federal and state regulatory matters

• Formation of corporation, partnership or LLC

• Fracking industry

• Gas pipeline right of way issues

• Joint operating agreements, drilling, gas gathering and transportation contracts

• Land use matters

• Lease disputes

• Lessee/lessor/royalty owners

• Litigation of disputes involving oil and gas leases or property rights

• Mineral leases

• Negotiations

• Non-compete disputes

• Oil and gas storage well leases

• Probate of estates • Project development

• Real estate and oil and gas conveyances, including easements, rights of way and production related rights

• Regulatory compliance and permitting before the Alabama Oil and Gas Board • Release of wells not held by production

• Rights of land owners

• Rights of mineral owners

• Rights of way

• Royalty and mineral sales

• Surface use agreements

• Trusts

• Wills

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