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     Our firm has the experience and expertise to assist landowners in negotiating mineral leases and royalty provisions as well as all other aspects of oil and gas leases and contracts. Our oil and gas attorneys are knowledgeable in landowner rights, mineral and royalty owner issues including royalty lawsuits, mineral reservations, land leases, property restoration, and other issues involving mineral rights. We represent land and mineral owners in all aspects of the oil and gas industry. In an industrial enterprise as complex as oil and gas drilling, handling, and transport, an attorney well-versed in oil and gas law is a necessity when it comes to protecting your interests.

     The Ralls law Firm has the knowledge and experience in oil and gas hearings and litigation, title opinions, oil and gas leases, farm-out agreements, exploration agreements, joint operating agreements, unit agreements and unit operating agreements, securities, oil and gas financing, and investment. Hire a lawyer with the training and experience in the oil and gas industry needed to promote and protect your interests. The Ralls Law Firm has an understanding of the petroleum industry that most local attorneys do not. Through diligent legal planning, we help families protect their interests and plan for success.